Cavalleria Toscana

Cotton Riding Jacket

Size:  38,40,42,44,46

Colour:  Beige,Blue,Grey, Red, Black

Price:  $750



Size: 36, 38,40,42,44,46

Colour:  Black, Brown, White

Price:  $399


High Neck T- Shirt

Size: S,M,L,XL

Colour:  Black

Price:  $185


Trench Coat

Size:  40,42,44,46

Colour:  White,Red

Price:  $1190


Competition Tails

Size:  38,40,42,44,46

Colour:  Black and Navy

Price:  $1590


Competition Jacket

Size:  38,40,42,44,46

Colour:  Black,Red,Navy

Price:  $890



Size:  125cm to 155cm 

Colour:  Black

Price:  $385


Wraps and Bandages

Size:   Standard

Colour:  Black and Creme

Price:  $89 and $99


Saddle Blanket

Size:  Dressage Style

Colour:  Black and White

Price:  $185


Hat and Tie

Size: S,M,L

Colour:  White,Black, Creme

Price:  $99 and $89



Size:  36,37,38,39,40,41,42

Colour:  Black,White,Navy

Price:  $35


Scarf and Phone cover

Size: one size

Colour: Black

Price:  $145


Belt and Hat

Size:  S,M,L

Colour:  Black,white,Red

Price: $155 $125



Size: Medium

Colour: Black,Red,Black

Price: $450


Note: CATAGO PTY LTD, ABN 23 077 308 779, is an Australian registered company which is in no way associated with ELDORADO A/S, a company registered in Denmark.