Arista Equestrian

Arista Equestrian is both made and designed in Canada. We import their riding shirts which are an excellent fit and washine washable. The fabric is very durable and has a bit of stretch , making them extremely comfortable to ride in. We also stock their cool plus shirts, and the UV Sunblocker shirt, which completly blocks the sun from your skin, great for our climate here in Australia.

Anna Lascata

Anna Lascata presents a style that suits a modern lifestyle that meets the demands of everyday life. The collection is classic with beautiful details. All the garments are produced in the finest goats leather and the suede made with the greatest care possible.

The collection has proven to make a difference by offering a combination of fine materials, a perfect fit and a sudtle simplicity of all the designs.

The Ladies Shirts are made from the higest quality cotten with Lycra for a comfortable fit. An essential Shirt for every Women

Blæst Raincoats

Blæst is a Norwegian Company, the designer Lisbeth Lilleboe grew up in Bergen where it is said to rain up to 213 days of the year. As a child Lisbeth always heard it said, that there was no bad weather just bad clothes! So with that in mind urged her to create a funchional, colourful and attactive garment for rainy days, so that you can still look well dressed no matter how wet and rainy it is.

The Raincoat is made in the highest quality and  according to EU environmental standards. All the jackets are lined comes with a hood and all seams are welded making the coat a 100% water proof.

The Raincoats are excellent to use as an overcoat when riding if it rains. All the coats has two way zips one at the front and one at the back.

This Raincoat is worn by Danish Princess Nathalie, who is an Olympic Dressage Rider. It is her first choice to wear it at competitions when it rains during her warmup. 

In 2008 the rain coat received the design Award from the Norwegian design Counsil.

Cavalleria Toscana

Cavalleria Toscana “ wear to be unique”  Cavalier Horse men are mysterious, solitary,heroic and invincible. He is at the same time a man and an ideal, a person and a lifestyle, always distinquished for a unique behavior and incomparable nobility.

Cavalleria Toscana dresses today’s ” cavaliers ” with the same elegance as always, along with innovations created from intense research on material and exclusive styles.

Catago Breeches

The Catago Breeches are imported from Denmark, they are a Danish design made in a Fabric of very good quality. The styles shown, are a great fit giving a very flattering shape. The breeches have all got full leather seat, belt loops and side pockets. They wash exstremly well.


Alessandro Albanese

The Alessandro Albanese collection is both made and designed in Italy. It’s distinctive and refined elegance makes each item unique. The clothes are made in precious yarns and natural fibres; it gives both men and women the luxury of complete freedom tracing each curve and movement with elasticity and subtle glamour. In the Alessandro Albanese “Competition Collection”, each garment is created by hand on a “made to measure” basis using traditional artisan methods, making each garment unique!

Note: CATAGO PTY LTD, ABN 23 077 308 779, is an Australian registered company which is in no way associated with ELDORADO A/S, a company registered in Denmark.