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Catago riding wear evolved from my observation of the need in the Australian equestrian market, for luxurious and unique designs. I intend to fulfill a niche market for women and men wishing to wear stylish yet practical and versatile riding wear.

Wearing clothes that give you the optimal flexability to wear them both on and off the horse. This will ensure you look elegant and well dressed living the Equestrian lifestyle.  

acceptchecksnow.com Catago P/L exclusively imports products that has been carefully selected from leading international brands. The products are of the highest quality and design, to offer you fashionable options to look ” stylish both on and off the horse “. We aim to give our customers an elegant and unique yet comfortable riding look, and excellent service.

We are always happy to help with styling, creating new ways of dressing, organising new wardrobes, helping the customer enjoy their sport, and achieve their desired look.

” Fashion fades only style remains “     Coco Chanel 


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Note: CATAGO PTY LTD, ABN 23 077 308 779, is an Australian registered company which is in no way associated with ELDORADO A/S, a company registered in Denmark.